I'm proud
of my Saint

First NFT for those who sincerely believe.
Read more about how you can help children
by becoming the owner of a unique NFT.

SFC is the first collection
of 10,003 unique images of Saints
characters drawn by hand.

Each of the images is unique and placed on the Ethereum blockchain (standard ERC-721). In the collection you will find 100 Saints figures, each of which has 100 individual variations (consisting of various clothes, objects, haloes, or even animals). In addition, the collection includes one unique image of Jesus in the entire collection, one image of Mary and one image that we have hidden.

By purchasing the image, you not only become the owner of a digital, unique work of art, but you also become a member of the Club, that wants to help through truly Christian values and sport. A significant part of the funds from the sale will be used to help talented athletes from poor families. It will be up to You, Dear Club Members, which countries of the world and which sports schools will receive funds for scholarships for young athletes.

Our Mission

Read what our most important goals are:


We want the Saints to lift children out of poverty, to show sensitive patterns of building their adult, responsible lives.


We want true believers to be able to show pride in their faith in the digital world as well.


We want the owners of the Saints to be role models for children who want to change their lives through sport and not succumb to temptations, through strong foundations of faith.


We want everyone to be proud of their Saint.

Our Saints

In the most important issue of NFT you will find 100 saint characters. You can find their list here – choose yours and go to its subpage. On this page you will find all 100 versions of a given Saint. In addition, the collection includes 3 special images – Jesus, Mary and one image that is hidden now. Each of these 3 is in only one variation. So, yeah, only one owner can have Jesus or Mary. And each of the other Saints – can have 100 owners.

Why did we do that? We believe that Jesus and Mary can only be in one form. We also believe that it highlights the uniqueness of the collection. The last image from the collection will be revealed after completing the entire roadmap of issue. Today we can not show it, if we can close the road map, we assure you that it will be worth your attention.

How unique our Saints are:

Each image consists of hand-drawn layers and transferred to the digital world. The collection consists of 10003 images of the Saints (including Jesus and Mary), 102 bodies, 527 different robes, 224 sacred objects, 139 animals, 368 halos and 7 unique backgrounds. As a result, our NFT collection is distinguished by its uniqueness and diversity.

Of course, there's no way to hit two identical pictures. When buying a Saint, you can be sure that no one will be in possession of the same one.

Saint's Bodies

Sales conditions

Our collection is 10,003 images. The price of the image of the Saint is set at ~0.7 ETH. The price of Jesus, on the other hand, is ~854 ETH. We will launch the sale of Mary only after the sale of Jesus and it will take the form of an auction (50% of the profit from this auction is immediately allocated to the charity of our Club). Only when Mary sells, we will reveal the last, unique image. This last image will also be put up in the form of an auction and 100% of its sales will be donated to scholarships for poor athletes from around the world.

Of course, we know that not everyone can afford the fair price we set for the images. Therefore, don't worry, a small part of the images will be allocated for sale at a much lower price, in exchange for supporting our action.

This is what you get
as part of your participation
in the Saints Figures Club NFT:

The unique image of the Saint of your choice (which you can share on your online profiles) and of which you are the sole legal owner. Each Saint is made up of hand-drawn layers. There are over 1,000 of them, so we have achieved a very high uniqueness of each Saint. Read about layers and uniqueness below.
You can treat your Saint as a digital asset that you can also sell, but you can also print it in excellent quality and hang it wherever you want.
A voice in a community that wants to help through sport in entering adult life for talented young athletes. Each possessed Saint is one vote in our community in all votes. You can read about them in our roadmap below.
A sweatshirt with the image of the Saint on it (when more than 50% of NFT images are sold). Next you can see what it looks like.
Information about the Club's activities in the field of financial support for sports schools, as well as information about new activities planned by the Club in the development of Christian NFT.
You will be a member of a community that, with the overall success of the campaign, will allocate approximately $5 million to scholarships for young athletes in selected by our community football schools around the world.
You will be sure that your image is unique and no one else can have the same one.


June 5, 2022
Launch of our information campaign about the Club
June – August 2022
Information on sales, stay in touch
September 28, 2022
Start of the sale of NFT Saints imagess
December 2022
We start sending sweatshirts with Saints images so that you have something to wear for Christmas
February 2023
Regardless of the level of sales, we start making decisions regarding charity payment
June 2023
Payment for the funds selected by Our Community for scholarships for young athletes
June – August 2022
Information on sales, stay in touch
December 2022
We start sending sweatshirts with Saints images so that you have something to wear for Christmas
June 2023
Payment for the funds selected by Our Community for scholarships for young athletes

Milestones to be reached

10% of sales
we choose an image for the Pope and go to give it to him to the Vatican. You choose whether it's for Francis or Benedict.
20% of sales
500 young athletes can get an annual sports scholarship from us.
30% of sales
we conduct an educational campaign for young people regarding moral values.
40% of sales
already 1,000 kids can get a yearly sports scholarship from us.
50% of sales
we ask Cristiano Ronaldo to write about us on his Instagram.
70% of sales
if no one has bought Jesus yet, we write to Zlatan Ibrahimović so that he does not fool around ;)
70% of sales
we have over $3 million for young athletes.
100% of sales
we start the process of deciding what we should use charitable funds for (if earlier than in the adopted calendar, this process starts earlier).
100% Sales + Jesus + Mary + Hidden Image
we have about $5 million to help children from different countries of the world.
Sales of Jesus
launches the auction process of selling an image of Mary (Our Lady), of which 50% is spent on charity.
Sales of Our Lady
reveals the image contained in the 10,003rd NFT image and launches the auctioning process of this image, of which 100% of the value is used to support children from poor families.

The Community makes choices and supports

Our mission is to convey pride of faith, pride of one's Saint, but it is also helping. Support for children from poor families who, through sports education in kindergartens, can leave the zone of poverty, violence, or deprivation. They can build an ethos of working and entering adulthood through sport.

That is why we are raising funds to support these young people through scholarships.

However, we want the decisions in our Club to be made democratically, because we also support democratic values and, above all, equality between all people.

So, you are going to decide what kindergartens from which country we are going to fund their players' scholarships. That is why we have prepared an action plan and a way of choosing. In the first place, all owners of the image or images will vote for any country in the world to which the funds will flow. Each image is one vote in the community. This will create a list of countries.

Ranking of scholarship funds:

1. The country with the largest number of votes
– 50% of charitable funds – even up to $2.5 million.
2. A country with a second number of votes
– 20% of charitable funds – up to $1 million.
3. A country with a third number of votes
– 10% of charitable funds – up to $500,000
4. A country with a fourth number of votes
– 6% of charitable funds – even over $250,000
5. A country with a fifth number of votes
– 4% of charitable funds – up to over $200,000

After selecting the countries, a selection will be made of specific sports schools from the given country, indicated by the Community, to which the funds will be transferred. All Members of our Club will be able to participate in this vote again. In this way, up to $5 million will be used to spread the idea of the Club and help children.

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Our Team

Founders, originators, those, who want to help:
Co-workers who put their heart into the project:
Luis Mario
Louis Mario
(El Salvador)
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